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fag 23028CAK/W33
2018-11-05 14:06:19

Centering roller bearings are bearings with drum rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with the raceway being a spherical surface.

essential information 

Basic classification

Centering roller bearings are divided into: cylindrical inner hole, conical inner hole. The taper of the taper bore is 1:12 's rear code-named K's centering roller bearing (type 153000 or 113000) and 1:30 's rear code-named K30's centering roller bearing. The radial clearance of the bearing can be adjusted by axial movement of the inner ring when matched with a conical shaft.
fag 23028CAK/W33
Centering roller bearing postposition code

The tapered hole centering roller bearing, which is codenamed as KK30, is installed on the matching tight sleeve and becomes the KH and K30H bearing. The bearings can be mounted on optical shafts without shafts and are suitable for situations requiring frequent mounting and disassembly. In order to improve the lubricating performance of the bearing, there are annular oil grooves and three oil holes with uniform distribution in the bearing outer ring car, the rear position of which is named W33.

Classification and model comparison:

1, centering roller bearings (type 20000 CC)

2, tapered hole centering roller bearings (type 20000 CCK)

3, centering roller bearings (type 20000 CC/W33)

4, tapered hole centering roller bearings (type 20000 CCK/W33)

5, Hole centering roller bearing mounted on tight sleeve (20000 CCK H0000)

6, Hole centering roller bearing mounted on tight sleeve (20000 CCK/W33 H0000)