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Inch tapered roller bearing
British tapered roller bearings are tapered roller bearings whose shape and size are measured in inches. They originate from British and American countries.
Structural form: single row double row four columns
Essential information
Numbering system of British tapered roller bearings
The prefix letter is made up of 1-2 letters to indicate the design level of the bearing.
EL: ultra light
LL: plus light
L: light
Light in LM:
M: medium size
HM: medium heavy-duty
H: heavy duty
HH: plus heavy-duty
EH: super heavy-duty
Special purpose for T: thrust bearings
The second part -- angle code.
The first digit after the prefix letter represents the outer circle contact angle code.
The third part -- basic serial number
The second, third or four digits behind the prefix letter represent the corresponding basic series.
The fourth part -- Part Number
The fifth or sixth digit after the prefix letter, the last two digits, represents the actual number of the bearing parts.
Any number (10 and 19) of the outer ring numbering from 10 to 19 is indicated.
The inner ring numbering is from 30 to 49, with any figures in China and Germany (including 30 and 49). For any series of bearings, the first inner ring of the minimum cross section is all numbered by 49.
The fifth part -- suffix
Single tapered roller bearings have an outer ring, whose inner ring and a group of tapered rollers are enclosed by a basket cage into an inner ring assembly. The outer ring can be separated from the inner ring assembly. According to the ISO tapered roller bearing profile size standard, the outer ring or inner ring assembly of any standard tapered roller bearing should be able to achieve international interchange with the same type of outer ring or inner ring assembly. That is to say, the outer ring of the same type should meet the requirements of ISO492 (GB307) in addition to the external dimensions and tolerances, the cone angle of inner ring components and the cone diameter of components must also meet the requirements of interchange.
Usually, the conical angle of the outer raceway of single row tapered roller bearings can bear the combined action of radial and directional loads at the same time before the tapered angle of the outer raceway is 10 ~19. The greater the cone angle, the greater the ability to bear axial load. Bearings with large taper angle, with rear code plus B, and taper angle between 25 ~29, can withstand large axial loads. In addition, the single row tapered roller bearings can adjust the clearance size during the installation process.
The outer ring (or inner ring) of double row tapered roller bearings is a whole. Two inner rings (or outer rings) have similar small end faces, with spacers in the middle. The clearance is adjusted by the thickness of spacers. The thickness of spacers can also be used to adjust the pre-interference of double row tapered roller bearings.
Timken bearing TIMKEN four row tapered roller bearings are divided into:
Timken TQO (straight hole four row combination) bearing,
Timken TQOW (bearing inner ring lubrication groove TQO) bearing
Timken TQITS (four row conical bore combination) bearing
Timken TQITSE (TQIT, with extension inner ring) bearings.
The bearing has four rows of rollers, which can bear a great radial load and two-way axial load. The limit speed of the bearing is low. It is widely used in various cold and hot rolling mills. The inner diameter of the bearing and the roller diameter are transitional. The size of the axial clearance has a great influence on the normal operation of tapered roller bearings. When the clearance is too small, the temperature rise is high. When the clearance is large, the bearings are easy to be damaged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the factory typing number of three outer rings, two inner rings, two outer rings and one inner ring when installing, so as not to install incorrectly.
Four-row tapered roller bearings are one of the main roller bearings. The radial and axial load capacity of these bearings are larger, and the radial load capacity is about three times that of a single row. They can withstand larger biaxial load, but the ultimate speed is lower. It can restrict the axial displacement of the shaft (or shell) in both directions within the axial clearance of the bearing, so it can be used for biaxial positioning. The diameter and axial clearance of the bearing can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacers between the inner and outer rings.
Four row tapered roller bearings are mainly used for working rolls of hot and cold rolling mills, as well as rolls of slab mills. Because of the convenience of loading and unloading, it usually matches the neck of the roll. Tapered roller bearings generally use steel stamping cage, when the size is large, the support cage is adopted.

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